Elina Alekseeva 

Elina Alekseeva is a Russian-born artist based in the Hague, The Netherlands, whose practice unfolds her interest in the intimate and reciprocal connection between people and their surroundings. The recurring topics of her work is a mythopoetic outlook, and the notion of home in its most broad understanding. This interest comes from curiosity about the position of human beings as a creature between nature and culture, who is permanently in the process of finding a place in the world through actions of relocating, homing; being guided and confused by natural phenomena.

With a background in literature, linguistics and textile design, in her work she looks for an interplay of material study, participatory projects, photography, and installation. Often applying to intuition and personal immersion, she aims to create space for conversations between our bodies and the environment,
empathy, and imaginative future scenarios.

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The Hague