Elina Alekseeva 

Elina Alekseeva is a Russian-born artist based in the Hague, The Netherlands, whose practice unfolds her interest in the intimate and reciprocal connection between people and their surroundings. The recurring topics of her work is a mythopoetic outlook, and the notion of home in its most broad understanding. This interest comes from curiosity about the position of human beings as a creature between nature and culture, who is permanently in the process of finding a place in the world through actions of relocating, homing; being guided and confused by natural phenomena.

With a background in literature, linguistics and textile design, in her work she looks for an interplay of material study, participatory projects, photography, and installation. Often applying to intuition and personal immersion, she aims to create space for conversations between our bodies and bodies of natural and constructed environment,
empathy, and imaginative future scenarios.

Elina is a part of an international collective Lohra See, which creates site-specific performances and experiences. Its ongoing research focuses on the crossing of ecology, myth, poetic writing and dreaming as a public act; as well as challenging the limitations of the physical distances, and experimenting with new methodologies of collaboration.

reach out

+31 6 31795647
The Hague


exhibitions & performances

2022 - Sojourn - group show and experience / SeeLab, The Hague
2022 - Festival of Future Deserts - group exhibition, Magdeburg, Germany 
2022 - Dreams of the River / LOHRA SEE - worksops and a performance, Magdeburg, Germany
2022 - Opening; Dinner at the End of the World - group performance, Błędowska Deser, Poland
2022 - The One Minutes, Squeeze Crush Press Blush / W139, ROZENSTRAAT, Amsterdam
2022 - The One Minutes, Squeeze Crush Press Blush / Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen
2022 - Formations of cups, rocks and words / Contribution to the Moon Gallery, international 
2021 - Recolory, experimental participatory performance / SeeLab, The Hague
2020 - Inner Weather - Graduation Show / KABK, The Hague
2019 - Heal - Exploring Materials and Materiality / Veem gebouw, Eindhoven
2019 - Heal - Exploring New Paths in the Textile Industry / Waag, Amsterdam
2016 - Landmarks - Graduation Show / KABK, The Hague
2016 - Landmarks - Exposed, De Electriciteitsfabriek, The Hague
2015 - Hypersomnia/Solastalgia - Exposed, De Electriciteitsfabriek, The Hague
2014 - Back Stage on Stage - performance, KABK group show, Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Italy
2013 - Textile and Fashion Parcours, KABK Fashion Show, The Hague

artistic practice-related acitvities 

2022 - Self-organized residency / LOHRA SEE - Magdeburg, Germany
2022 - SeeLab, joint residency with Tatiana Kolganova and Mio Fujimaki
2022 - LIOS Labs residency, Błędowska Deser, Poland

2021 - So, what about the moon? - A reading at Words Off the Page, Trixie, Contemporary Art Weekend, The Hague 
2021 - Lunar/Inner Weather - A reading at A Mic of One’s Own, 
The Writer’s Guide to the Galaxy with Kunstinstituut Melly (online event)
2021 - When nothing seems to transpire / embodied research with dance artist Inna Lipovets, Cologne
2019 - Sea-Solve/Lovely Flood, talk and project presentation, on receiving the 3d place prise
for artistic research-driven projects, at Brightlands, Geleen
2019 - SomaSuit, workshops for children with Moon Gallery, ESA Open Day, ESTEC, Noordwijk
2017 - Silent Wonderlust, commissioned video work - direction and production, for Veronika Konvickova, Exposed,
De Electriciteitsfabriek, The Hague
2016 - Landmarks, video work - direction and production, for Exposed, The Hague
2016 - Closer To Earth - a commissioned article on practices of slow art and design for Heim magazine, Russia
2016 - Commissioned experimental materials, video and photography, for Oltmans van Niekerk


2018-2020 - MA Design Research/Industrial Design, Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), The Hague,
Project Inner Weather, Thesis: “Calm Habitat”
2012-2016 - BA Textile Design, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (KABK), project Landmarks,
Thesis “Wayfaring”, Nomination Bachelor Thesis Award, Nomination Department Award
2012-2016 - Courses: Senses, emotions, wearable technology; Sound - perception/recording; Photography (KABK)
2006-2011 - BA Literature and Linguistics, with distinction, Southern Federal University,
Rostov-on-Don, Russia