Elina Alekseeva 

Final Master design research project, Inner Weather addresses the linear time system. I wonder about an embodied, personal sense of time that constantly shifts according to outer factors in the environments, and can't be limited to the number-based, invented tradition of timekeeping. I welcome the alternative examples, like the moon and its phases, that presumably influnece the human body cycles, the same way as the other living organisms. And wonder how we can communicate time in new ways. A project was an atmospheric environment in which visitors could watch and listen to stories of 3 women who follow the moon cycles, and could interact with a sensory calendar.

The sensory calendar shows the cyclical interchange of inner weather states, similar to the lunar phases, and metaphorically translated into scents with a different character. 

A space for learning about the (inner) cycles, scent-based calendar. 
Fragment of 5-minute movie.