Elina Alekseeva 

Landmarks, home as an activity, explores the shifting idea of “home” in the time of extensive relocations.

Started with my personal history of relocations, and dialogues in the community of Third Culture people, I dived into the detached sense of belonging, detachment from physical houses and interiors, and little sensory things we carry to feel - home. The project addresses home without a connection to any place or a fixed point, but as universal activities of re-connecting to home within, and practices of “homing”. Landmarks refer to personal constants kept in memory, reminders of locations and habits. The project consists of 6 textile and object “chapters”, that address each landmark. Memory connection with landscapes, plant pigments, and fibres from different locations, present the objects as multi-local - like the modern travelers themselves.

1. arranging / playing with found objects                2. leaving personal marks            
                                                                                                                         3.applying scents 

                                  4. washing body                                    5. taking a meal                          6. cleaning space


Hand-woven textiles, natural dyes, ceramics, product. Jacquard-woven pieces made in collaboration with EE Labels. 
Nature photo - Renate van der Togt; studio photo - Elina Alekseeva
Research: Wayfaring (BA Thesis).