Elina Alekseeva 

home without home, but as an activity. 

BA Thesis, exploring the change of this notion in the context of contemporary nomadism, universal pratices of “homing”,
and a question: what do we actually need to create “home”?  

The work is based upon a flow of associative explorations. Since the topic can be very subjective, I wanted to give a reader a certain freedom for sudden personal response. 

The book consists of 4 parts:
Beside - is an exploration of the shifting home situation of nowadays, mobility, wonderlust gene and movement. 
Within - deals with the history of “home”, its importance and meaning in a context of personality. “Taking space under control”, non-western perception of boundaries between inside and outside, and home as a place, feeling, and action.
Outside - is a reasoning of “home without home”, belonging, nomadism, sacredness, and new ways of looking upon materiality. 
Wayfaring, the conclusion, gives my viewpoint and an alternative solution. (later explored in Landmarks)


Can home be an activity, a sense - not a place? 
Homing as a process is more than human property, beyond the idea of private. When home can’t stay within any frames of walls and traditional understanding of stability, we refer to our senses and activities. 

Nomination BA Thesis Award, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague 
Graphic design: Kristina Yaroshevich